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File:AirMAX_90px.gif‎ airMAX File:UniFi_90px.gif UniFi
File:MFi_90px.gif‎ mFi File:airVision_90px.gif‎ airVision
File:EdgeMAX_90px.gif‎ EdgeMAX File:AirFiber_90px.gif‎ airFiber

The Ubiquiti Networks Wiki is an area where the Ubiquiti Community can freely collaborate together to share information, ideas, and knowledge of Ubiquiti Products. Information is collaboratively written by users like you. If you see a page missing information or that has some other problem, simply edit the page or create a new page. We encourage users to utilize this Wiki as a platform to share and learn from one another.

If you would like to discuss or ask questions about certain subjects please use the Ubiquiti Community Forum and not this Wiki.

Note: some information on this Wiki is user-created/maintained and thus unofficial. Although we will try our best to maintain the accuracy of this site, Ubiquiti can not guarantee the reliability of all the information on this site.