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Configuration File Management

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Configuration File Management

Author: Skyhook 27 February 2009

Content: How to manage configuration file: download, upload and edit.

Use only configuration backups of the same type device and same AirOS version.
Example: configuration backed up from NanoStation5 suits only NanoStation5, but not NanoStation2 or LiteStation5!
Behavior may be unpredictable when mixing configurations from different type devices and/or AirOS version.

DOWNLOAD/BACKUP Configuration File

  • Connect you to AirOS Device via WEB browser.
  • In SYSTEM Section, click "Download..." button to save cfg file on your PC (e.g. XS2-00156DA67108.cfg).



  • Connect you to AirOS Device via WEB browser.
  • From SYSTEM Section, clicking "Browse..." button, will open a window popup (make sure your browser have popup enabled) to navigate and select the configuration file. From "Firmware File" select configuration to restore (e.g. XS2-00156DA67108.cfg).


  • Click "Upload" to start the transfer.
  • Wait until process is complete and click "Apply" to confirm new configuration (or click "Discard" to refuse).
  • Now the devices apply new configuration file.

EDIT Configuration File

You can simply edit configuration file with a text editor capable to manage Linux/Unix text format.

Note: Manual editing of configuration file is recommended only for advanced and skilled users!!! Behavior may be unpredictable if you set wrong or improper parameters.